Friday, September 7, 2012

Fish Lake Relay and team Laters Baby finished it!

About 6 weeks before the Fish Lake Relay I started training to run a half marathon with my friend Bonnie. Thought it sounded like a good goal to accomplish. About 2 weeks into my running Carrie Curtis and Steph Baker decided we should try to run the Fishlake Relay. WTH were we thinking! That ment that we would run from Bowery Haven to Richfield City Park. Yes that is 62 miles between 6 of us. Holy S*&^! We knew it would be hard. Ha! But we thought we could handle it. We ran a few of the legs before the race. The first 6 legs weren't to bad. It kinda of got us all a little cocky. The next 6 kicked our trash! We definatly should have trained a lot more. Now we know what to expect and I think we are going to give it a try next year. Our training started the week after the Fishlake Relay. We definatly needed a few days of recovery.

When we started our run all we really wanted to do was finish. We knew we would never win and we had high hopes of not coming in last. But we did. Last place was ours. We didn't feel to bad about it though because the real accomplishment was to just finish it. And we did it!

 Bonnie and Chantz tagging off. Bonnie ran the 1st and 3rd legs.The morning runs were freezing cold! We didn't really plan for that. We sure will next year!
 Bonnie and Pat tagging up for Pat's 1st leg.
This was the hardest one of the relay and Pat voluntered for it. Thank you Pat!
I have no idea the WT crap these 2 were doing!
But even though this relay was very hard we still of course had lots of fun!

 Carries's nasty blister that helped her run her 2nd leg! Sucky! She is one tough lady.
 Throughout the relay we got out and helped each other get through the tougher parts of our legs. This relay would have been a little easier if we had someone to run it with.

 Steph finished her second leg and she good gamed Chantz and that was the tag! Chantz ran the last leg into the Richfield City Park.
 This was my 1st leg. I ran 4.65 miles in 45 minutes. I was feeling pretty proud of that. My second leg sucked rocks and it was not anything to brag about by any means!
 Steph finished her second leg and was very happy. She had two long hot legs!
My kids had so much fun following our runs and cheering us on! They met me at the Sigurd turn and ran to the gas station with me.
 They were so proud of their mommy!
I just have to say once again WE FINISHED! Lets see what next year brings!
Bonnie Robins, Alicia Beckstead, Steph Baker, Chantz Ogden, Carrie Curtis and Pat Curtis!
Way to Go team LATERS BABY! HaHa! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


On Sunday night I dreamed all night long that I needed new tires on my car. I would wake up and go back to sleep and continue dreaming about NEW tires. In my dream I kept thinking how am I going to pay for these tires. A million and one things have came up and we are freaking broke. I woke up with that panicky feeling about how I was going to pay for them. Then I realized I just had my car inspected on Friday and it passed. I don't need new tires I thought to myself. Then I put that dream away and didn't think about it.

Blu came home from lunch and went out to the garage to look at my car. He kept getting this nagging feeling that he needed to check my car. I was going to to take the kids to Manti pool after lunch. Blu checked my tires and he found a big bubble in my tires with the wires poking through. He called his friend Mike to see if he could charge to his account for new tires and Blu called his mom to see if he could borrow the money to get the new tires. Both of them of course were willing to help us out. He took my car to work and I took his truck to Manti.

When Blu got home from work last night one of the guys he was breaking a horse for stopped by. He told Blu that he had done a great job with his horse and wanted to give him some more money to say thank you. Wouldn't you know it was just enough to put the new tires on my car.

Last night we talked about the day and I was balling and smiling all at the same time. Blu told me your dad was trying to tell you what you needed to do and when you wouldn't listen he came to me. Thank you dad for still taking care of me! And thank you heavenly father for answered prayers I didn't even know I needed yet!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Can you say "Undefeated" Good job Wolves!

Kaysha played on the N.S. Wolves 3rd and 4th grade softball team.  It was a great year! The girls played amazing. The progress they made was so fun to watch.
Their coach Marcee made sure they were good team players and they played well together. 
They ended the season UNDEFEATED! Way to Girls!

Kaysha played second base most of the time. She does very well there.

Kaysh had quite a few good hits!

Kaysha loved playing softball! It is her new favorite sport.

And she scores! Go Kaysha!

Kaysh also got to try pitching a little. Boy does that make a mom want to throw up to see her kid on the pitcher's mound. In our last night of games Kaysh made the play of the game to end the other teams scoring streak.

Good Job Kaysh! You helped make N.S. Wolves undefeated! You make us proud!
Love you baby girl!

Grandpa Coopers 90th Birthday Party!

Grandpa Cooper turned "90" June 16th, 2012.  Kaysh helped me design grandpas birthday invitation. They turned out super cute! Grandpa is a handsome man. We celebrated his birthday with a surprise party at the sunnyside park. 

Grandpa was very surprised that we "went to all this work for him".

Blu took on grandpa Rick's job of cooking the best hamburger and hotdogs ever! Grandpa Rick would have been proud. Eveyone brought there favorite salad and we ate and ate and ate!

We also did some catching up. It was fun to hear old stories of grandpa in his younger years.

Kaysha made grandpa the yummiest cake ever!

He was so excited. :)

Grandpa got lots of fun gifts!

Before we left grandpa gave me a big hug and told me that this was the best day he has ever had. Must have been pretty good since he has had 90 years worth of days!

Grandpa Cooper sent Kaysha a letter. We will keep this forever! Brings tears to my eyes every time I read it! Wonderful memory! Pretty good day for all of us.

Grandpa's letter read:

 To a very special Great Grand Daughter,
Love you very much
to a very special young lady, For that very special Gift that you made for me that was the most delicous cake that I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much.

Love you so much Grandpa Cooper!


My talented little ball player! Go Kag!

Kag 's ball team was the muckdogs. He was the all around player and played every position well! He hit a couple grand slams and many home runs. Kag was amazing! He made his momma proud.


IT'S Going! IT'S Going



Way to go buddy! Mom, Dad and Kaysh are so proud of you! Love you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaysha my little beauty!

Kaysha came home from school the other day and said that they checked her eyes at school and she couldn't see. I asked her if she had been having a hard time seeing. She said that she couldn't see the white board very good if she wasn't on the front row. NICE!

I took to her to the eye doctor last Friday and he said that her eyes had changed a lot. She was far sighted the last time she was in. Now she is extremely near sighted.

He asked if she wanted glasses and she said IDK...

So we went and checked out the glasses to see what she thought. We picked out all the ones she thought were cute and tried them on. Once she saw that they had lots of fun ones to pick from she got excited about getting glasses. It was a hard choice but she picked out the cutest glasses ever!


They said they would be ready on Tuesday afternoon. Kaysh wanted to take them home right then.

On Monday after school she called me to see if her glasses were ready. I said no they won't be ready until Tuesday. Kaysh said, "I really need them. Today in Mrs. Lefevere's class I couldn't sit on the front row and Anniston had to the read the sentences to me that were on the board". Poor girl! Thank goodness for friends!

Her glasses came yesterday and she was amazed at all the things she could see. She didn't realize what she was missing out on.

She picked out a cute outfit for school and we 3 barrel curled her hair. She wanted to be cute for her new debut of the glasses!

Blu said when he dropped her off for school she was way excited!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kags 8th birthday!

For weeks Kag has been hinting around about wanting a new knife for his birthday. But he was just sure that he wouldn't get one he kept saying. Blu has a knife that Lee Christensen made him. Kag loves that knife and of course he wanted one just like it.

Blu and I the crazy parents we are decided what the heck lets get our 8 year old a knife! haha...
He was thrilled when he opened his present and saw that we got him a knife. His exact words were,"Just what I wanted! You are the best mom and dad in the world." Score for mom and dad!

I took the day off work and celebrated his birthday all day long with him. He wanted Subway for lunch and for his family birthday party we had brownies and a sundae bar. His smile from ear to ear all day long made it the best day ever for mommy!

After school on Friday he picked a couple of friends to go to the Nickel City Arcade. Aunt Chell, Uncle Dodger, and Babe joined us along with his cousins Haddy, Deag and Kendyl bugs.

We spent about 4 hours there! What a fun place to go. I cleaned out my change jar and they played on that for hours. We finished the arcade with lazer tag. Blu and Rodger had so much fun with the kids in lazer tag.

Kag talked about his birthday for days! I love my baby boy Kag and I can't believe he turned 8. He is working so hard at school and accomplishing big things! So proud of him! I love you Kag! My sweet little man!